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Marcia and Einar Kjartansson

Their family

"Sis"Marcia Jeanne was born in Kalispell, Montana May 12, 1954 while her father was in Korea. She married an Icelander, Einar Kjartansson, in 1974 while they were in college in Ohio. Later she added Maren to her name as there is no C=sh in the Icelandic language and it is Icelandic law to have one Icelandic name. She also Icelandicized her last name by taking her dad's name and adding 'dottir' to it (William = Vilhjalmur). Therefore her name is now Marcia Jeanne Maren Vilhjalmsdottir.

Einar is a scientist and they have 4 children, Bjarni Runar, born April 30, 1976, Brynja Asdis Einarsdottir, born May 16, 1980, Andri Reynir Einarsson, born May 7, 1982 and Lora Elin Einarsdottir, born December 27, 1984.

Barbara and Larry Bruce

Their family

"Bunny" Barbara Rae was born in San Diego, California May 11, 1957. She was educated in Ohio and married Larry Bruce there in 1983. Immediately after marriage they moved to Oregon where they both pursued their nursing careers. They have 2 children, Robert Chase, born March 14, 1986, and Jenna Tess, born February 7, 1999. Barbara and Larry divorced in 2009.

John and Franny

Jack and his girls

"Jack" John Stanley was born in Springfield, Ohio July 18, 1961. In 2005, Jack and "Franny" Frances McClain, partners for many years, got married. He is presently a boiler operator in a hospital in Springfield. He has 2 daughters, Joy Lynn, born August 15, 1983, and Jessica Ann, born April 9, 1986. In 2005 Joy married Nick Trudics. In 2002, Jack became a grandfather to Joy's son Mason, and in 2005 to Jessie's son Chris, who was killed in 2008. Jessie's daughter, Hope, was born 1 Aug 2009.

James and Dori

Their family 2002

"Curt" James Curtis was born in Springfield, Ohio January 29, 1965. He married Dori Dixon in 1990. They live in Indiana and he works in a factory with computerized machines. They have 2 daughters, Lauren Michelle, born November 28, 1991, and Caitlin Nicole, born April 9, 1993.

Bill Helms

"Billy" was Bill's stepson since infancy. He was born in Vancouver, Washington Dec. 4, 1951 after his father was killed. He considered himself Bill's son and Bill loved and reared him the same as he did his other children. He made the U.S. Army his career and died in 1993.

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