Bill's Parents

Bill's Parents

Lena and Clarence Baughman 1965

Dad and Mom Baughman in group

Mike (Betty's ex-husband,) Junior and his wife Lil with their first baby, Mom and Dad, and in front are Irene's 2 children, Paul and Kathy Sue.

Dad, Clarence Aurelius Baughman, was born in Utica, Ohio March 8, 1895 to Amos and Anna Elizabeth Martin Baughman. His mother suffered from Dropsey. He had one sister, Eva Belle Baughman Davis, and 4 brothers, Fred, John, Charles, and Robert. He married Winifred Luena Reid in Parkersburg, West Virginia on May 19th, 1923.

While working for the City of Springfield on a construction site, he got hit in the eye by a rock and thereafter he had a glass eye which drew a lot of comments from the little ones in the family. Later he worked for a trucking company delivering furniture and other merchandise.

He had a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat installed in 1967. He died March 17, 1976.

Dad Baughman

Dad Baughman with Billy

Mom Baughman

Mom, Luena Reid Baughman was born December 12, 1898 in Jackson, Ohio to Silas Reed and Cora V. Arnold Reid (December 3, 1878 to July 3, 1959.) Her mother had severe vericose veins in her legs. Mom had 3 sisters, Margaret (Peg) Reed-Eillars-MacLaughlin; Charlene Reed Satterfield (Feb. 21, 1912 to April 25, 1998;)and Sarah Reed McNeal (July 2, 1913 to December 4, 1972.) She had 5 brothers, John Reed, Dwight Reid, Herbert Reid, Jennings Reid, and Charles Reed (Charles and Charlene were twins.) The differences in name spelling is interesting. Apparently different members of the family spelled their names by choice.

She was previously married to Ulysses Grant Smith, and had 4 children by that marriage: Bessie Marie Ferryman, John Billman, James Smith, Patricia Brown. She loved to travel and when younger she made numerous trips back and forth to the west coast by any means available. She had a Shawnee Indian heritage through her mother's line. She died January 9, 1980.

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