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Irene Lowe

Irene and Orville Lowe 1991

Wilma Irene Baughman was born August 28, 1927 and married Orville E. Lowe March 14, 1957. They were married just before he left with the Army for Korea. She is a favorite of the family, especially the younger generation and she has been an avid bowler for many years. Orville is a "retired" brick mason, but he will never retire from repairing and building for all family or friends. They live in Ohio. They have 3 children: Paul David Greene(Butch), Kathy Sue McFarland, and Scott Eugene (Buddy)Lowe.

Paul and his wife Sharon have one son, Aaron. Kathy has 3 children, Amy, Jerry, Jr. (Bub), and Joey. Scott has two children and he was recently remarried to a woman named Heather.

Amy and her husband Bart have a son, Brett. Joey has a child Toby.

Betty Baughman

Chester Baughman

"Chet" and his wife Jerry have 6 children, Pam, Tim, Randy, Brian, Chrissy, and ?(male).

Junior Baughman

Junior's first family

Junior had 5 children. His first family resulted in 3 children, Billy, Debbie and Becky; his second family resulted in 2 children, Wayne and Herschel. He died in the 1980s of a sudden heart attack.

Bessie Marie Ferryman

Marie was a step-sister to the 5 Baughman children and her elder daughter, Doris was the same age as Bill. Marie had 2 children, Doris and Diana. She died in the early 1990's. Her daughter, Doris, married Louie Loy and they had 2 children, Carla and Elaine. Carla has 2 children. Diana had 2 children, Angie Banks and Nikki Dyer.